Mannequin Vanity Records (MVR) is an Independent Record Label based in San Diego, CA that specializes in folk/world music.  The label launched in New York City in 2007 with the release of The Plastic Revolution’s debut album “Planning For Chaos” and has since then expanded to include offices in San Diego, shows all across the globe, placements in many Film/TV Shows, over 25 commercially released albums, many artist demos, and even audiobooks!  Because of the label’s small size, it functions much like a boutique but remains actively involved in all aspects of it’s artists careers including: Talent Development, Marketing & Promotion, Artist Management, Booking, Producing, Recording (tracking, mixing, mastering), and Publishing.

MVR is affiliated with MVR Entertainment, LLC whish exclusively books bands for The Holding Company in Ocean Beach as well as The Tipsy Crow & The Field in the Gaslamp San Diego, and one-off’s for many other venues.

Booking Your Band for Concerts/Shows/Tours/Etc: Are you a local band/musician looking to play shows in San Diego? Are you an original musician? Do you play covers? Send us an inquiry with links to your music, website, fb, reverbnation.  Please include prior show history and draw.  Currently MVR books shows at The Tipsy Crow, Cat Eye Club, Southpaw Social Club, Last Call, Amaya, and other venues in SD as needed.  If you are interested in playing any of these spots, please shoot an email to


Submitting Demos to Mannequin Vanity Records

Think you have what it takes to be part of the MVR family?  Do you currently tour regionally/nationally with your band?  We would love to hear what you’re up to. Please email a link to your epk, current performance video, and to — please be advised that we are constantly inundated with new band submissions, so it may take us some time to get back to you.

Interning for Mannequin Vanity Records

Want to be apart of the exciting and ever changing music business? MVR offers internships based on the school year (Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer). The internship serves as an invaluable learning experience and networking opportunity in the music industry. Though interning for college credit is not a requirement, it is highly recommended. MVR will work with you and your school to make sure you receive the necessary credits.

Before considering applying, please keep in mind that you would have to work out of our offices in San Diego and the internship is full time (meaning 20-30 hrs/week).  All internships are unpaid but offer free CD’s, music, and concerts.  While some applicants have the ability to do many tasks from home, a sufficient and reliable mode of transportation is a requirement.  Please send all internship applications to – In your application please include 1) your resume and 2) the dates you are interested in interning. We will be in contact with you to set up an interview at our San Diego office.

The hiring process for interns takes place for the upcoming term only (i.e. if it is February we will only be considering interns who can start in May/June for the Summer Semester). So please refer to our internship periods and application schedule below before applying.

Internship Schedule/Application Deadlines:


Mid May-Mid August

Application Period: February 15th-April 1st (Decisions made April 15th)


Late August-Mid December
Application Period: June 1st-July 20th (Decisions made first week of August)


Early January-Early May
Application Period: October 1st-November 20th (Decisions made first week of December)