Happy New Year! BJ Opens for Mest!

Happy New Year! BJ Opens for Mest!

Happy New Year MVR friends & fans, it’s been an amazing ride for 2016 and we’re looking forward to bigger and better to come in 2017.  Some highlights and things to look forward to:

BJ Jezbera opened for Sprung Monkey, The Ataris, & Mest this year — all great shows, and phenomenal exposure for our boy, also he’s got some great new tracks out!

QUEL BORDEL! organized the first ever SD GypsyFest and we have #2 slated for June 10th of next year.

BandàpArt is planning another version of Coin de la Vigne and a European tour with QB! in the summer.

Clint Westwood released his debut record with MVR and did plenty of international touring — got plenty more in the pipeline for 2017.

MohaviSoul played some great festivals and bigger profile shows, and is making progress on their next album — to be released next year.

Christine Sako has been experimenting with new sounds and working on new tracks – excited to see where it goes! 🙂

Check out all our amazing acts on the new compilation “How to be Vain Volume #4”